Great Dog Treats

All About Dog Treats And How To Choose the Best


Selecting the best dog treat in the extensive pet food industry of today is a daunting task. Therefore, how can you choose the best dog treat for your dog? The following are various factors you need to take into account if you want to find the best dog treat for your dog. 


Dog's Age/Life Stage

It's quite important to choose a dog teat like those produced by reputed firms like Betsy Farms that is nutritionally appropriate for your dog with regards to its age, that is, whether a puppy, adult or senior.


Dog's Body Condition

Dogs that are overweight or underweight require different nutrition than those that are not. When choosing a dog treat from a company like Betsy Farms, it is imperative to take into account the body condition of the dog.


Dog's health history

If your dog suffers from an illness like cancer, diabetes, or gastrointestinal difficulties, you'll have to choose a dog treat that is appropriate for that condition. Seek the advice of a vet before administering the dog treat to your dog, check here!



Plan your budget cautiously when choosing a particular dog treat. Usually, the more expensive the dog teat is, the quality it probably is. 

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Dog's Preferences

When looking for the best treat for your dog, it is essential to observe the preferences of your dog.  Experiment with various dog treats for example like those made by Betsy Farms, etc. There are many good dog treats out there nowadays like the Duck Jerky for dogs made in the USA that have an excellent formulation, and that is why it is recommended to try them out to find the one your dog likes the most. However, if you are perplexed on which one to choose, you can seek the counsel of your vet to find the one that has the right formulation for your dog.



When searching for a dog treat, it's extremely important to look at the ingredients used to make the dog treat at the back of the bag so that you know the nutritional value it has. Treats with ingredients like fish, duck meat, and eggs, for example, are usually regarded as the best. The reason is that such dog treats are easily digestible and have the essential amino acids that will boost the metabolism of your dog. Betsy Farms, for example, are known to produce such dog treats which have high-quality ingredients that are helpful in maintaining your dog's health and wellness.

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